The Damegi 4G series comes with a bunch of cushy features to keep your extremities toasty warm.

While there’s many charming things to enjoy about the winter season, like sipping a tasty holiday drink or checking out some ice sculptures, these end-of-year months have a very obvious downside: it’s cold!

Even tucked away at home enjoying your free time, Jack Frost has a way of nipping at every last bit of you that isn’t covered in layers of clothes, and that can be a pain when you’re sat in one place for a long period of time. Say, if you’re a hardcore gamer.

Gaming accessory company Bauhütte has got you covered in this regard — literally. While their primary lineup consists of desktop rigs, gaming chairs, and various apparel, they’ve recently committed to making sure every gamer can stay in a cozy, comfy cocoon with their new product the Damegi 4G.

▼ Model Moe Iori poses wrapped up in the Damegi 4G LITE,
with the “4G” standing for “for gamers”.

Bauhütte’s Damegi line-up consists of the Damegi 4G, the Damegi 4G LITE, the Damegi 2020 and Damegi Overalls, each offering a different take on the same basic concept. Damegi can be loosely translated as “clothing so comfy you won’t want to do anything productive.” Anything productive besides playing video games, that is.

The Damegi 4G is a full-price affair, retailing between 17,160 yen (US$158) to 18,260 yen.

▼ This body suit is intended for maximum slobbing around, including pants that cover your feet.

Next in the line, the Damegi 4G Lite, is a poncho-style affair that allows you to easily take a trip to the nearest convenience store to restock on gamer fuel. Priced at 10,780 yen, you keep most of the benefits of the classic 4G but lose the extensive lower-body coverage.

The Damegi 4G 2020 options may lack the headphone slits and mitten gloves of first two models, but they do come in various colors: red, green or blue. These outfits are also cheaper, ranging in price from 9,460 yen to 10,560 yen.

Last are the stylish Damegi Overalls. These serve the inverse purpose of the poncho, keeping your toes and legs toasty while letting your arms and head stay breezy and cool. At 7,128 yen, they’re also the cheapest.

Every item in the series features a warm, fleecy lining that will keep the heat locked in, while everything except the 4G Lite comes with easily removable crotch areas — just in case nature calls while you’re queuing for Call of Duty.

The pricier options are the real stars, equipped with everything from stretchy, incredibly velvety fabric (4G only), fuzzy mitten options and adjustable sleeve-lengths (4G and 4G Lite) and a snug hood to keep your face from getting chilly.

▼ Fed up with your fingers going numb? Unleash the fuzzy mittens!

▼ “I can block out more haters than ever before!”

Every one of the Damegi 4G outfits is machine washable, and the website claims that the headphone slits featured in the 4G, 4G Lite and 4G 2020 suits can be used to thread your pigtails through. Even if you don’t fancy spending over a hundred dollars on a cuddly suit, though, it’s well worth scrolling through the website for all those cute, cozy-looking photos!

Source: Bauhutte via My Game News Flash
Images: Bauhutte

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