One of the best bargains of the year. 

When the New Year arrives in Japan, some people like to head out and buy fast food fukubukuro, while others prefer to hunt down Ghibli anime merch. But for our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma, who recently moved into a new apartment, there was only one bag at the top of his must-buy list this year, and it came from Swedish retail giant Ikea.

These lucky bags have become well-known for their great value over the years, so Masanuki had high hopes for stocking his new kitchen with quality items on a budget. After handing over 3,000 yen (US$27.92), for one of their kitchen fukubukuro, Masanuki was pleased to find this array of gorgeous goods.

・Pasta insert(STABIL)
・Chopping board(PROPPMÄTT )
・Chopping board – two-piece set(LEGITIM)
・Paper napkins(BEVILJA)
・Glass jar with stopper(KORKEN)
・Glass jar with stopper – 3-piece set(KORKEN)
・Bamboo Spoon – 10-piece set(SPLITTRA)
・Food storage containers – 3-piece set(PRUTA)
・Ziplock bags(LYCKSALIG)
・Ziplock bags – cat design(HÖSTLÖV)
・Tea Towels x 4(ELLY)
・Bed Tray(DJURA)

That’s over 14 items for 3,000 yen! And seeing as Masanuki only had some plates, glasses and cutlery in his kitchen, he was certain that he was going to use everything in this fukubukuro.

▼ With a pot now in his possession, Masanuki would finally be able to cook at home and save on buying convenience store meals.

The pot even came with a pasta insert, which can also be used as a colander, and a steamer, giving him a variety of options for mealtimes.

▼ The basket was a perfect size for storing fruit or vegetables.


▼ The chopping board and bamboo spoons were sleek, stylish and practical.

And with two more chopping boards to add to his collection, he’d never have to worry about cross-contaminating meat and fresh produce ever again!

▼ These napkins went straight into the drawer for special party occasions.

▼ And with not one but four tea towels to his name, Masanuki would never get out of doing the dishes ever again.

▼ The jars would be useful for storing things like dried pasta and nuts.

▼ While these containers would be storing leftover meals for next-day lunches.

And not only did he have ziplock bags to add to his collection, some of these were actually cute cat ziplock bags!

▼ Last but not least, the kitchenware collection also came with this awesome bed tray.

▼ Perfect for eating in bed, or anywhere else for that matter.

Usually retailing for 1,499 yen, this item itself was pretty much half the cost of the fukubukuro, making everything a fantastic bargain. This was Masanuki’s favourite item in the bag, due to its compact size and versatility.

Like last year, Ikea wins in the fukubukuro stakes for its great value, variety and quality. Whether you’re stocking a new apartment or simply wanting to add to your existing homewares, you can’t go wrong with an Ikea fukubukuro!

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