This classy metallic smartphone accessory is currently in development by RepeCan a maker of custom instrument parts. For saxophone or brass instrument players that little thing should be instantly recognizable, and for many more it should conjure up an odorous memory or two of middle school music class.

It’s a spit valve! More politely known as a water key, it’s the little opening that allows you to release all the saliva that understandably builds up from going “pfvvvvfffpfvvvfpfvvvpfvvvpfvvvffp” for long periods of time.

The water key fits snugly into your smartphone’s earphone jack to prevent iDrool from spilling out until the appropriate time and place. Online reaction for these little guys was strong with some saying “That tickled my heart!” and “I’m learning trombone now and I really want that!” The only really negative reactions were along the lines of “Looks smelly.”

Indeed for the spit valve it’s a dirty job but something has to do it, and if you need one to do it for your smartphone, you may have to wait until RepeCan gets a manufacturing deal going. Meanwhile, every now and then they put a batch out on Yahoo! Japan Auctions for some lucky bidders. You can check for updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages linked below.

Source: RepeCan via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
RepeCan: Facebook, Twitter