Hard day at the office? Money or family troubles got you down? Don’t you just want to slip away to a quiet corner of your home and toss on a golden bejeweled crown to make you feel like the king or queen you ought to be?

But high-quality crowns are expensive and hard to come by…or at least they were until a couple of cosplaying Twitter users shared how they made their own realistic looking crown in just a few steps.

This look at a very clever crown assembly was shared by cosplayers with the Twitter handles of Shinokyo and Gento, who posted step-by-step images of their impressive looking creation.

▼ “I’ve become a crown production bot.”

The sheet in the photo is PVC plastic onto which a shape like a clock hand is drawn and cut out with a knife.

▼ “It’s taking shape.”

The strips are glued together by the pointed ends in a circle. Shinokyo told a curious commenter that they were molded into a crown shape using the hot air of a hair dryer.

▼ “Gluing.”

Then a round band of PVC, sized to fit a desired head, is glued at the base of the strips and held with clothespins until firmly connected.

▼ “Sweet!!!!! Drying!”

Of course, any crown worth wearing ought to be gold, so Shinokyo painted it just that.

▼ “Shiney”

▼ “Coming along”

▼ “Making the crown in Gen-chan’s home.”

The next step is decorating. It appears that Shinokyo carved out some other decorative shapes like crosses and leafs with the remaining PVC and lined everything with gold lace to give it a very convincing engraved look. Then they glued some jewels for a more lavish appearance.

▼ “It’s not finished yet, but we took the liberty of a first photo session. Photo by Gento and Kurenai Jun”

▼ “Glued on the cloth.”

With the crown finished, it was time to capture its elegance in a proper photo-shoot headed by Gento…well, as proper as an iPhone photo-shoot can be at least.


It is a remarkable looking crown and didn’t require any large sum of money or complex techniques to create. These women certainly are a creative force in the art of cosplay, but even if you’re not a cosplayer and just need to feel like royalty once in a while, why not try your hand at making one yourself?

As of this writing Shinokyo was working on a regal cape to go with the crown. If you’d like to see what her finished costume looks like, be sure to follow her work on Twitter.

▼ “Almost finished!!!”

Source: Twitter/@shinokyo_kaiou, Twitter/@gentou_doromizu via Hamusoku (Japanese)
Top image: Twitter/@shinokyo_kaiou (1, 2) (edited by RocketNews24)