55 contestants… 110 funbags!

Surely the main attraction of world-famous restaurant Hooters is the waitresses and their gigantic…appreciation for quality customer service. Now you can help select the cream of the Japanese Hooters crop in the Miss Hooters Japan 2013 by voting for your favourite “pair” online. The first round of voting runs from February 1-14, and the lucky finalists will be announced on the website Feb 16.

The 55 ladies in competition are actually Hooters Girls who work in one of the two Hooters Japan restaurants in Tokyo.

You can check out the fifties-style pinup poses and profiles on the Hooters Japan website. The page is mainly in Japanese, but the all-important ‘vote’ button is in English, so you can easily help your preferred chesticles to victory. In theory, you only get one vote, as they take note of your IP address. 15 ladies will advance to the final selection on March 3.


You can also vote at the actual Hooters restaurants in Tokyo or Ginza by ordering your first drink from the selected Asahi range, so in theory, you can get one voting card per visit. They’ll probably notice if you order your first drink, leave the restaurant and return for another “first drink”.

Each profile has a torso shot and a full body shot of the girl, with her name, height, hobbies and ‘future ambition’. The most popular future ambitions are “career woman”, actress, wife and mother, but no.32 wants to become “the most dazzling granny ever” and no.20 dreams of “making all the dogs in the world happy”. Woof.

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The finals on March 3 will be held at Hooters Ginza (100 presale tickets went on sale on 4 Feb). General admission tickets to the finals (which include the right to vote), are 5000 yen, and VIP tickets (limited to 10) are 10,000 yen. The champion will go on to share their bodacious tatas with the world as Japan’s representative in the Miss Hooters World Championship in the US. Honker, honker!

Source: Hooters Japan