Domino’s Pizza and Japanese American football go head-to-head to see who has the better Rice Bowl

A pizza chain and sports league clash on the field of social media.

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One Piece sets out to find its most popular character in the world in massive survey

Everyone from Luffy to Camel the super penguin is in the running.

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Official Tokyo Olympic volunteer nickname chosen by the public, public doesn’t seem to like it

Despite winning with a total of 16,187 votes, the remaining 126,980,511 aren’t overly enthused about the chosen nickname.

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Ultimate Gundam ranking being held nationwide including all series and movies, voting on now!

It’s time to stand up and be counted, and help choose the coolest stuff to ever come out of the entire 40-year universe of Gundam.

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Sadako & Kayako want your vote for the ghost with the most

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Crossdressing metalhead Ladybeard makes it to the finals of moe contest for cat-eared beauties

The top 10 includes four fabulous guys and six gorgeous girls. Who will you vote for?

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It’s time to vote, vote, vote for your favourite photo!

It’s that time again, folks: the polls are now open for this week’s Pic of the Week!

Join us after the jump to see our 10 favourite photos and to choose the one that you think most deserves to win.

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It’s time to vote for this week’s Pic of the Week!

It’s Monday evening here in Japan, and that can mean only one thing – it’s time to vote for our Pic of the Week! Join us after the jump for 10 superb photos taken by our very own readers and to vote for the one you think deserves to be crowned Pic of the Week.

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Pic of the Week: Hey you, it’s time to vote! 【Update: Poll now closed】

As mentioned at the end of last week’s Pic of the Week, we’ve decided to open the contest up and make it as fair as possible by asking you, the good-looking, intelligent, art-appreciating people that you are, to decide this week’s overall winner.

So join us after the jump to see this week’s photos and vote on which you think deserves to win the right to be called Pic of the Week.

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Help Select the Best Breasts in Japan: Miss Hooters Japan 2013, Vote Now!

55 contestants… 110 funbags!

Surely the main attraction of world-famous restaurant Hooters is the waitresses and their gigantic…appreciation for quality customer service. Now you can help select the cream of the Japanese Hooters crop in the Miss Hooters Japan 2013 by voting for your favourite “pair” online. The first round of voting runs from February 1-14, and the lucky finalists will be announced on the website Feb 16.

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Voting is open for the “Most Evil Corporation of the Year” Award for 2012

Established by a 10 member team including journalists, activists and University professors, the committee for the “Most Evil Corporation of the Year” (in Japanese “Black Corporation Award”) has made a shortlist of nominees each vying to be the blackest of businesses.

In Japanese, the term “black business” refers to companies who rake in huge profits while exploiting their own work force by discrimination, harassment, unpaid overtime, and short-term contracts.  This type of business is a widespread problem in Japanese society but often goes on undiscussed in mainstream media.

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