Hooters closing original location in Japan as large-chested chain’s downsizing continues

In a country that loves breasts as much as Japan, how is Hooters failing?

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Miss Hooters Japan finalists announced day after chain files for bankruptcy protection in Japan

Busty waitress restaurants’ fortunes continue to bounce up and down.

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Tokyo Hooters now offers rental work spaces, and they’re free for students

Service is perfect for mobile workers who don’t need to go to the office but do need to be around breasts.

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Sonic the Hedgehog goes to Hooters in Japan to celebrate the release of his new video game

Sega mascot plans to stay at Tokyo branches of the boob-centric restaurant for almost two months.

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Hooters opening gaming bar in Tokyo in partnership with video game company Namco

Companies collaborating to earn all of the disposable income from 20 and 30-something males in Japan.

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Our writers show you how to have the most fun at the new Hooters in Tokyo 【Pics】

Spring is a time for new beginnings as well as a great time to open new shops and businesses, and people are eager to escape from their apartments where they spent most of the winter season. Luckily, there are plenty of grand openings everywhere you turn this time of year, which is why our intrepid writers were met with a 100-plus-person line at the new Hooters location near the West Entrance of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station on May 18.

They couldn’t make it into the restaurant on opening day, so they decided to go back the next day, with a twist! What better way to enjoy the newest Hooters restaurant in Japan than by cosplaying the Hooters costume?

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Hooters comes to Osaka! Our in-depth cross cultural analysis

This summer, Hooters is opening a pair of beer gardens in Osaka and Tokyo for a limited time. Although there have been a pair of Hooters restaurants in Tokyo, this is the first time the American franchise has made it down to Osaka.

Always eager to bring you the best news from Japan sprinkled with a variety of cultural insights, we headed down to the grand opening to give you two reviews: one from a guy who used to live up the street from a Hooters in his home country of Canada, and the other from a Osaka native who had never even heard of the place. Together we can see if Hooters Osaka maintains the lively atmosphere of the chain in America but also caters to Japanese sensibilities. You know… because we’re really into marketing science and stuff.

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Help Select the Best Breasts in Japan: Miss Hooters Japan 2013, Vote Now!

55 contestants… 110 funbags!

Surely the main attraction of world-famous restaurant Hooters is the waitresses and their gigantic…appreciation for quality customer service. Now you can help select the cream of the Japanese Hooters crop in the Miss Hooters Japan 2013 by voting for your favourite “pair” online. The first round of voting runs from February 1-14, and the lucky finalists will be announced on the website Feb 16.

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