Lining up Thai style

If you live in a heavily populated area, you will inevitably be made to wait in a line at some point during the day. The post office, city hall, and the DMV are all notorious places for facing long, unpleasant waiting times. What’s worse, if you step out of line to use the restroom or are simply too tired to stand, you’ll lose your place and be forced to start standing at the back of the line all over again.

However, a picture from Thailand has surfaced online that seemingly solves the problems most people face while queuing up: just let your shoes do the waiting.

This single image has prompted over 1,917 comments on Reddit in eight days. Here are the highlights:

This is fucking genius.

But what happens when the next person is up? Do they have to move every pair forward? Does everyone have to get up and move their own pair, only to sit back down and do the same thing over and over until it’s their turn?

And then some asshole goes through and kicks the shoes around.

The number system is better IMO…

Would you want to walk around barefoot in the dirty-ass DMV?

How can human beings be so well mannered?

The Russian system works best. You walk into the room and ask, “Who’s last?” That person acknowledges you and you sit down like a civilized person. Then when they go up, you know you’re after them. Everyone in the room is reasonably aware of the order, too, so if someone tries to go out of order, the group will shame them. Shame!

In Israel no one will admit they’re last in line. If you ask, “Who’s last?” They will all answer, “YOU are!”

They do this in Cuba too. I think communism forces you to find more efficient ways of waiting in line.

In pubs in England there is no visible queue but everyone roughly knows their place in it. If you try jump the queue you will be shamed with a nasty glare and some vicious muttering.

If they did this in my home country (Pakistan), some guy will not only cut in line, but also steal your shoes.

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Source: Labaq