Plumbing dealer Sunrefre Plaza opened a Facebook page this year called Love X Toilet which shares various tidbits of information regarding the world of toilets. On top of that, they held a survey asking around 2,500 Japanese people about their toilet habits. The results were enlightening to say the least.

First off, the subject of eating on the can yielded some higher than expected numbers. Sunrefre posed the question: “Have you ever eaten in a restroom either public (school or company) or at home?”

About 12 percent of the total had said “yes” they had eaten on the can. Among those, people in their 20s were most likely to have a cracker on the crapper with 19 percent responding affirmatively.


They survey asked about other ways to pass the time while perched on the commode.

Get lost in thought (32.59%)

Read a book (22.32%)

Nothing, focus on the task at hand (15.91%)

Listen to music (9.71%)

Sing (7.48%)

Sleep (4.85%)

Other (7.15%)

The “other” category was delved into somewhat more deeply with the survey asking people to share their personal routines or commode customs.

“I fiddle around with my smart phone.”

“If I’m using a washlet I take some time to play video games.”

“If I’m not naked I can’t drop a deuce.”

“I take off all clothes below my waist. I spend about 30 minutes in there. I go about three times a day.”

“I have to remove my watch when I go number two. I wonder if it’s the tight metal feeling that’s no good. Even if I have a necklace it has to come off.”

“I go to the toilet not to use it for its intended purpose. I can lock the door when I’m inside. I sit on the floor not the toilet seat and read manga. LOL”

Finally, in Japan there is a fairly well known urban legend that bookstores have a mysterious power to trigger bowel movements in people. Although there are reports of it occurring in other countries, in Japan this belief seems a little more prevalent. However, thanks to the Love X Toilet survey, some more light is shed on this peculiar belief.


Although not a majority, that’s certainly a significant number of people who receive a laxative-like sensation while strolling through the mystery section. Perhaps some people are genetically predisposed to the smell of ink or that soft brown lighting book stores often use.

Then again if we go back to the percentage of people who read books on the john above the figures seem to match up.

So what can we take away from all of this? Not much really, but if you have to take your pants and watch completely off while singing Hotel California every time you poop, feel comforted that you’re not alone.

Source: Sunrefre via IT Media (Japanese)
Love X Toilet: Facebook (Japanese/English)