Here at RocketNews24 we are no strangers to excessive consumption of ordinary foodstuffs. We even once constructed a bowl of gyudon with 10 raw eggs on top.

Still, we have to doff our caps to this gent who dreamed a dream and successfully cooked 50 egg yolks in a rice cooker.  We say “successfully” because the end result actually looks pretty good – if not lethal.

In case you don’t have time to watch the video here is the recipe.

50 eggs
1 empty plastic bottle
1 rice cooker

1. Crack egg into a bowl. Then press the plastic bottle into the egg yolk and squeeze carefully. The yolk will enter the bottle.
2. Gently pour out the yolk into a pre-greased rice cooker pot.
3. Repeat 50 times.
4. Place the pot into the rice cooker and set to “cook.”
5. When the timer beeps, remove the pot from the rice cooker.
6. Place a dish on top of the pot. Then turn over and lift off the pot.
7. Dial the first two digits of your regional emergency number on your phone. Response time is an important factor to surviving heart attacks and every second counts.
8. Cut and serve.

Bon appétit!

Video: YouTube – warusaki30