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Rice cooker cooking: Bacon onion rice is amazingly easy, awesomely delicious

Japanese Twitter chefs fall in love with a hassle-free way to make an entire meal with only about a minute of work.

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Nametake tuna rice: A delicious rice cooker recipe using just three ingredients【SoraKitchen】

Some of the best recipes in life are the simplest.

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We try cooking lots of things with Japan’s double-decker one-person bento box-sized rice cooker

The new version of the popular cooking bento box boasts of cooking other things…but does it really work?

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Rice cooker recipe: How to make a giant cheesy okonomiyaki pancake in a rice cooker

Epic Japanese comfort food is easy to make with just the push of a button! 

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Let’s cook this jet-black chicken in the rice cooker and see what happens【SoraKitchen】

When the opportunity to recreate a mouthwatering manga meal comes up, we’re not going to turn it down.

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We try a $10 Japanese grape from a bunch that retails for over $400 【Taste Test】

Japan is known for its crazily expensive fruit, but is the Ruby Roman really worth the exorbitant price tag?

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Mr. Sato shows us what happens when you try to cook rice with only eggs 【SoraKitchen】

It seems like a good idea in theory, but how will it play out?

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You can make rice with tapioca bubble tea, and it’s surprisingly tasty【SoraKitchen】

Tapioca tea is everywhere in Japan these days – even in the SoraNews24 office rice cooker!

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Does instant noodles cooked with rice make super noodle rice?

Just because two things taste great, doesn’t mean they always taste great together.

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A faster, easier way to make cake: Use a rice cooker【SoraKitchen】

Meg steps into the SoraKitchen, and steps back out with a strawberry shortcake in record time.

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We turn Japanese bamboo shoot rice dish into a delectable dessert【RocketKitchen】

This sweet treat will give rice pudding and bread pudding lovers the best of both worlds.

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How to make amazing sweet apple pancakes using a rice cooker 【RocketKitchen】

We’re back in the RocketKitchen for a super-easy dessert recipe to impress family and friends with this holiday season.

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Check out how this huge chunk of U.S. beef looks after using our rice cooker roasting technique!

Usher in the holiday season with a huge mound of “rice cooker roast beef” using our all-too-easy recipe.

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This is what happens when you cook rice with coffee in your rice cooker 【Rocket Kitchen】

In the name of science, our caffeine-addicted team of intrepid reporters continue their culinary tradition of trying their taste buds to the limits.

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Bread, noodles, and rice. We try ALL THE CARBS together with interesting results 【Rocket Kitchen】

Carbs have long gotten a bad rap for their supposed “unhealthiness”, which in turn has spurred a number of fad diets, from the Atkin’s to the gluten-free, that urge their followers to shun the grains. But most nutritionists will still argue that, unless you have specific allergies, your body needs carbohydrates to function at its best.

Of course, as with all things, moderation is the key. But sometimes it’s okay to give yourself a little treat, and what could be better than a big old bowl of all of the carbs. We’re talking rice, pasta, ramen, and bread combined together in one heavenly bowl. Couldn’t get any better than that. Or, you may be saying to yourself, it couldn’t get any worse. Either way, we decided to give it a try and find out!

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Chinese man causes a stir by cooking rice in the middle of the Hong Kong International Airport

We’ve already seen all sorts of bizarre things go down inside Asian airports, from a woman drying her underwear to a government official causing rage-induced destruction. Now we can add a new one to that list–a Chinese man was recently spotted cooking rice on the floor of the Hong Kong International Airport. 

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Minimal effort, loads of flavor: Make juicy roast beef in your rice cooker with vacuum cooking!

Our Japanese sister site Pouch would like to let our English-speaking readers in on a simple, time and effort-conserving way to cook a flavorful roast beef. This method also allows the meat to retain all of its natural juices, so you can impress your friends with an incredibly tender home-cooked meal.

But get ready for the best part of all–you get to let your rice cooker do all the hard work!

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We examine, sort thousands of grains of rice to test manga-approved cooking method 【Video】

Preparing a delicious bowl of rice is an absolutely essential part of Japanese cuisine, and fortunately for most amateur cooks today’s modern rice cookers have made that task as simple as pressing as button.

While these handy machines can whip up a tasty bowl of rice with little to no effort, we wanted to try out a time-consuming cooking method we learned from the popular food-themed manga Oishinbo. In it, one of the main characters painstakingly examines and sorts each grain of rice to prepare what is described as “a taste you won’t forget in 15 years.” But is all that hard work worth it?

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Parody news announces “smart rice cooker” by KDDI, KDDI goes ahead and begins designing it

On 13 November, a tweet went out from Kyoko Shimbun which read “AAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Generally, such single-letter interjections don’t yield much of a response, but in this case they got over 400 retweets.

That’s because on this day, Kyoko Shimbun which translates to “Fabricated News” learnt that their fictional Infojar, a next-gen rice cooker with several smartphone capabilities, was in the research and development phase by the very company they were spoofing at the time, KDDI.

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Rice cooker oden: Quick, cheap, and delicious

Between rising sales tax and the dropping value of the yen, prices are on the rise for food in Japan. That puts us in a bit of a bind, since food is one of our favorite things to buy, along with swell stuff like shelter and clothing (although if you’re a work-from-home Internet writer, you can sometimes get away without that last one).

Thankfully, we recently found a way to make a delicious, hot meal that’s also dirt cheap, by tossing the stewed vegetable contents of a pack of oden from 7-Eleven into our rice cooker.

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