Garigari-kun releases new tamagoyaki Japanese egg omelette flavoured popsicle

Designed to be enjoyed with a dollop of soy sauce or tomato ketchup.

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Can this cushion really protect an egg from being sat on? How about a few punches?

Our writer Tasuku Egawa risks his pants to determine if “as seen on TV” is “as seen in reality.”

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Solar Chef: We tried cooking an egg using the power of the sun and a magnifying glass

Stay with us as our Japanese-language reporter brings the sun into his sunny-side up.

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Chinese teppanyaki chef amazes with egg-bouncing magic【Video】

Let me get this out of my system now: Omelet’n you in on an eggceptional eggstravaganza of eggstreme eggercizes in an eggcitement that’ll leave you shell-shocked!

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Crack open a chocolate dinosaur egg filled with ice cream “yolk” at South Korean cafe【Pics】

If you’ve got a T-Rex-sized sweet tooth, then you’re gonna want to check this out.

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World’s smallest dinosaur egg just discovered in Hyogo Prefecture

Everyone has got dinosaurs on their mind at the moment since most of the world is going crazy for Jurassic World. The exception to this is of course, Japan who can’t watch the movie until August 5. (Why Japanese movie people? Why?!?!) Not to be left out of the giant lizard game, officials in Hyogo Prefecture have confirmed the discovery of a brand new dinosaur egg. By analyzing the fossil, it is estimated that this new egg is the world’s smallest dinosaur egg ever. That’s a gigantic discovery of the tiniest kind.

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Latest unbelievable chip flavour in Japan captures the runny egg flavour of onsen tamago

If you’ve been to an onsen resort in Japan, you’ve probably tried onsen tamago, eggs slow-cooked to runny perfection in the nutrient-rich waters of local hot springs. While the unusual texture and reported health and beauty benefits make these immensely popular with visitors, nobody has thought to capture and reproduce the flavour of hot spring eggs. Until now.

Curious for a taste, we went hunting and picked up a bag of the limited-release chips. Would they have a pungent, sulphur-like aroma? Or could this be as refreshing as a dip in onsen waters? Come with us as we find out!

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Raw eggs may lead to heads as bald as eggs

One of Japan’s most beloved dishes is tamago kake gohan which is simply a bowl of rice topped with a raw egg and a splash of soy sauce. While the thought of consuming raw egg might be off-putting to some people, here a TKG is about as commonplace as a PB&J would be in America.

In fact raw egg is used as a garnish for many other dishes as well, which might make you wonder why everyone in Japan isn’t constantly kneeling over a high-tech toilet bowl. Actually the problem of bacteria has been licked quite some time ago, but now a new danger in raw egg consumption looms: it’s thought to cause hair loss.

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Netizens hatch adorable baby birds from supermarket eggs, provide evidence

Uzura (quail eggs) are a popular food in Japan, as their relatively tiny size makes them perfect for snacking or adding to bento. As a result, you can find them in pretty much any supermarket over here. But it turns out that some shoppers out there aren’t interested in eating the little speckled eggs – they’ve been trying to hatch them instead! When reports first started popping up from netizens claiming to have hatched their own quails, we thought this was just an urban legend, but now a YouTube clip and blog post has appeared, showing different people seemingly hatching actual, live baby quails from supermarket eggs. Join us for some adorable pics and videos!

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Meet the most unmotivated Sanrio character ever — Gudetama, the lazy egg!

We’ve introduced an anthropomorphized food character from Sanrio before on our site, but we now have another one that we’re keen to share with you, just because his personality (although we’re not quite sure if that word applies even when the subject isn’t a person, or even an animal) is so unconventional and unexpected. That’s right, if you thought all Sanrio characters were good and cheery, you may have to think again. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Gudetama, the lazy egg who doesn’t seem to want to do anything at all!

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Sanrio’s Gudetama 1st anime short streamed

Sanrio began streaming the first animated short for its new character Gudetama on Monday. The anime aired with an accompanying game segment as part of the weekday family news program Asa Chan (Morning Chance), which debuted on TBS at 6:54 a.m.

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Our Japanese reporters actually like the Eggstractor, deem it an important step in egg technology

Like many people in Japan, the editing department at RocketNews24 recall an episode of the family-themed anime Sazae-san where Sazae’s father brings home an automatic egg cracking machine. It was a wonderful fantasy and kind of depressing that in this age of smartphones and reusable candles we can’t have an automatic egg cracker.

Then word came of such a device from the distant shores of America which could easily shuck the shells from hard-boiled eggs. Although lambasted as a “stupid cheap flimsy product” online, the temptation was too great for them to resist. They quickly placed an order and started boiling some water.

However, in hindsight they probably should have waited a week or so for it to arrive before boiling.

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Kuzo Makes an Egg on a Stick for Everyone in the Office

How do you usually cook a sunny side up egg? We’re guessing most people plop an egg into a frying pan with a little oil and hope for the best. However, our reporter Kuzo has just discovered a new way to eat eggs thanks to the “Rollie EggMaster.” Straight from, you guessed it, the USA, the Rollie EggMaster works like a toaster to cook an egg in minutes. Although the Rollie EggMaster is sold in North America and cannot be shipped to Japan, Kuzo was able to get his hands on one and proudly made an “egg on a stick” for the entire RocketNews24 office, delighting our Japanese editorial team.

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Wow Guests at Your Next Party with 50 Egg Yolks Straight from the Rice Cooker

Here at RocketNews24 we are no strangers to excessive consumption of ordinary foodstuffs. We even once constructed a bowl of gyudon with 10 raw eggs on top.

Still, we have to doff our caps to this gent who dreamed a dream and successfully cooked 50 egg yolks in a rice cooker.  We say “successfully” because the end result actually looks pretty good – if not lethal.

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