Black Tea Scented Toilet Paper

Japan worships the bathroom. Heated seats, music players, and carefully calculated washing mechanisms to clean your behind are just a few of the bathroom luxuries that can be found here. Now there’s a new product on the market in Japan ensuring that the toilet paper will smell wonderful even if what it’s cleaning doesn’t.

“Flavored Tea Selection” toilet paper, inspired by black tea flavors and scents, will go on sale in stores across Japan on April 1. Created by Nisshinbo Paper Products, the toilet paper comes in two varieties: “Flavored Tea Selection Southern Countries Tea Time” tropical tea scented paper and “Flavored Tea Selection English Tea Time” Chamomile tea scented paper. The Southern Countries Tea Time paper is pink while the English Tea Time paper is a light blue. Both are made from 100 percent recycled paper and manufactured to be extra soft.

No word on how much these specially colored and scented toilet papers will cost, but we’re guessing many people in Japan would pay a few extra yen to have a tea party in the bathroom.

Source: MyNavi News