“It looks like a beehive!”

What is something you started doing and have kept up for years? Maybe you began learning to play an instrument, or practicing some sort of martial arts.

About seven or eight years ago, one Twitter user from Japan began saving the cardboard cores from used-up rolls of toilet paper, lining them up and stacking them against the wall of her bathroom. And for those all those years she continued, sparing each core from its garbage-y fate and adding it to the pile.

Finally, on December 8, @inu1dog1 posted a photo of the end result of her obsessive stacking habits, which impressed enough people to be liked OVER 9,000(!!) times, and retweeted over 10,000.

She writes, “Over the past seven to eight years the bathroom wall has been packed with toilet paper cores, now I’m not sure what to do with new ones from here on out.”

A number of people have suggested throwing them away like most people do (so wasteful!), but one commenter suggested buying core-less toilet paper rolls, and yet another gave the idea to fold any new cores crosswise and stick them inside the existing rolls.

When asked about her motive for starting the t.p. roll wall, @inu1dog1 explained, “My interior concept is that things should be lined up neatly where they ought to be, so it became like this naturally.” Makes sense, I guess?

@inu1dog1 apparently faced opposition from family members as she refused to give in to throwing away the cardboard cores, her perseverance paid off and the end result brought smiles to netizens across Japan. As one commenter wrote, “I showed this to my parents and they burst out laughing. Thanks to you we were able to have an enjoyable family moment.”

We’re interested to see what becomes of the t.p. roll wall after this!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@inu1dog1 via My Game News Flash