Now you too can review on the loo!

The Poop Kanji Drill books are an awesome way to study Japanese. Not only do students get a structured way to learn all 1006 elementary school kanji, the books also come with fun examples sentences that all use the word “poop” in them.

Here’s some example sentences for the kanji “color” from the 2nd Grade Poop Kanji Drill book:

  • “Your poop’s color is purple, you should go to the doctor.”
  • “I drew pictures of poop using all twelve colors of crayons.”
  • “I wrote ‘poop’ on a sheet of colored paper and hung it on the wall.”

In fact, the Poop Kanji Drill books only had one downside: they’re difficult to use in the bathroom. But now that all changes with this incredible innovation: Poop Kanji-Drill toilet paper.

▼ There it is, just sitting on the shelf, as if it’s a normal item
and not a gift from the bowels of heaven.

▼ There’s Professor Poop himself reminding your to “be sure to wipe well” in the bottom left.

When we saw this at our local Don Quijote, we had to buy one and try it out. Japanese toilets may have a lot of incredible functions, but up until this point, teaching you kanji was not one of them. Apparently that ends now.

One set of eight rolls costs 398 yen (US$3.69), but it claims to be “twelve rolls compressed into just eight,” so you’re actually getting one-and-a-half times more than it looks. That, combined with all the extra studying you’ll be getting out of it, makes it a pretty good deal overall.

▼ Here’s a picture of a roll close up.

▼ The goal is to figure out the reading/writing of the kanji that goes in the red brackets in each sentence. Here the kanji is “snow.”

The toilet paper surprisingly had a lot of thought put into it. We thought it was just going to copy/paste the example sentences from the drill book, but the two example sentences were brand new!

Here are the two example sentences for “snow” from the toilet paper:

  • “I clean up poop using a snow shovel.”
  • “My poop came out as white as fresh snow.”

So even if you’re already a devoted Poop Kanji Drill student, this toilet paper is flush with a whole new load of content.

▼ Each roll is a different grade level (2nd, 3rd, and 5th here) with four kanji
repeated on each. You’ll definitely know them well by the end of the roll!

If you’re looking to cram as much Japanese study time into your life as possible, then as far as your options go, Poop Kanji Drill toilet paper is a solid number two, right behind signing up for Poop Kanji Campus, of course.

Images: SoraNews24