Our Dreamland - Japan [AMV]

Many people around the world are captivated by the images they see in anime, movies, and (hopefully) wonderfully silly Internet sites like our own, but for some, visiting the land of matcha and Hatsune Miku is nothing but a distant dream. However, unlike most dreamers, YouTube user, TheAinioHinaki, turned his aspirations of traveling to Japan into a breathtaking video.

With nearly 300,000 views in two weeks, “Our Dreamland – Japan,” features scenes from popular anime such as K-on! and Cowboy Bebop intertwined with actual footage of people and places in Japan. It’s enough to make you want to hop the next plane to Tokyo.


This AMV (anime music video) seems to capture the Japan many envision, inspiring a flurry of comments from people around the world:

This video should be officially adopted as a tourism campaign video by Japanese government. Great work !

Your video is so awesome. I love japan too.^__^ And I hope that you can visit this beautiful country in the nearer future.^_-

I want to cry when I see it. It’s so beautiful :3

An AMV masterpiece, thank you! I had a MASSIVE smile, just a few seconds in.

Thank you a lot for creating such a nice AMV. I’m very happy that someone abroad is dreaming about my country so much.

Some may argue that TheAinioHintaki’s Japan, inspired by anime, is far from reality. That may be true, but judging from the comments and view count, “Our Dreamland – Japan” depicts a world many people long to visit. So maybe this video stands not as an accurate depiction of life, but as a way to encourage people the world over to continue dreaming of Japan.
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