The TED (Technology Education and Design) website is easily one of my most favourite places in the entire digital world. With talks from industry experts, innovative thinkers and creative individuals with something valuable to say, I’ve lost hundreds of hours on the site watching presentations and listening to talks, absorbing knowledge and expanding my view of the world, galaxy, universe.

Filmed in February this year at a TED conference in Long Beach, California, the following video sees a young man by the name of Black take to the stage dressed like a cross between a ninja and a rock star. After telling the story of how he first picked up a yo-yo and struggled to perform even the simplest of tricks, he goes on to talk about how mastering this simple toy gave him the confidence he always lacked. As if more proof were needed having already seen him calmly address thousands of spectators in English, Black then launches into a yo-yo routine that left us completely open-mouthed.

The full video after the jump.

One of just three Japanese to have taken to the TED stage, as well as being crowned champion in the World Yo-Yo Contest in both 2001 and 2007 young Black is also a qualified systems engineer. Soon after completing his educational training, however, he realized that his real passion was in performing.

Back on the stage and looking cooler than ever, Black treated the TED audience to a show that saw him using a yo-yo to whip a table-cloth from under a vase of flowers and whirling two around at a time like some kind of martial arts weaponry. Spinning, flicking and twirling to music inspired by video game classics like Street Fighter 4 and anime Vivid Red Operation, Black’s performance really has to be seen to be believed.

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Source: Nanapi