Because social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Maybe you’ve experienced a Japanese summer matsuri (“festival”) before, or maybe you haven’t. Either way, you and your kids are going to love this. A team of traditional fair dealers based in Nagoya Prefecture has started a crowdfunding project on CAMPFIRE to produce a total of 400 “Self-Festival” packages to be enjoyed throughout Japan.

▼ This is an at-home activity we can 100-percent get behind.

The name sounds a bit strange in translation, but it’s basically a fair in a box. It has all the essentials of a Japanese summer festival minus the food stalls and, well, people. It includes a total of 10 different activities, snack packs, and novelties that will make you feel like you’re in an anime.

▼ Some of the activities might look familiar to you, like this ring toss set.

▼ Then there are more traditional Japanese fair games like yo-yo balloon fishing, where you try to fish a water balloon out from a pool of water with a hook or a toy fishing pole. It’s also fun to decorate them!

And seriously, this set includes everything. It’s got the pool for the several fishing-type games; the toy gun, “bullets”, and cardboard stand for the shooting game; and bouncy balls and toys.

▼ They’ve even got light-up toys, a fan, and a Mount Fuji drinking cup!

As far as snacks go, there are things like rice crackers with sauce, yakisoba-flavored snacks, and cotton candy.

▼ It’s not freshly-spun, but it still looks delicious!

And to complete the experience, it has an assortment of sparklers! If you’re a seasoned matsuri expert, you know this is one of the best parts of Japanese summers.

▼ Some are really bright, some are long-burning, and some turn different colors!

So, the catch is that we don’t know if this is actually going to happen; since it’s a crowdfunding project, HITOHATA (the company running this shindig) needs to meet their goal of 2 million yen (US$18,594) before July 31 in order to produce all 400 orders. If they don’t meet the goal, though, everyone will get their money back!

▼ The matsuri suddenly intensifies.

This is an all-in project, which means that you need to buy at least one set at 9,980 yen each in order to support the cause. The first 200 orders will be shipped out in August while the final 200 will go out in September. That’s cutting it a little close in terms of the Japanese summer festival season, but you can always save it for next year or a day when you’re feeling extra summery!

Sources: PR Times, CAMPFIRE
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