Female fighters in Japan and all across the globe and are inspiring a whole new generation of young women to take up martial arts in what has traditionally been considered a male-dominated domain, like this adorable pint-sized warrior who’s starring in a new music video.

But another young female athlete found herself suddenly in the spotlight for her proficiency in multiple martial arts, catching the attention of viewers all across the world by channeling her inner ninja with an amazing video of her performing her best sword fighting techniques.

This little warrior is Ireland-native Jesse-Jane McParland, a world champion kick boxer and martial artist who wowed U.K. viewers by reaching the Britain’s Got Talent final earlier this year. Not even 10 years of age, she’s already been crowned World Martial Arts Games European Champion nine times, and has managed to take over 100 competitive titles to date.

In a recent video that has gone viral, we can see Jesse-Jane show off some of her best sword-wielding moves as part of what appears to be a real tournament. She may look cute, but her ferocious battle cries would make even Dragon Ball Z’s Goku quake in his boots.

Although Jesse-Jane failed to take home the Britain’s Got Talent grand prize, she’s landed a role in not only one, but two action movies this year. The first is The Martial Art Kid, which hit American theaters this past September, and the second is called Awakening, which wrapped up filming in July, also starring lead actor and heartthrob Zac Efron.

Some are already calling her the next Jackie Chan, and after watching her amazing performance we think it’s hard to disagree. Jesse-Jane says her dream is to someday participate in the Olympics.

Boys watch out! This is one girl you don’t want to mess with!

Source:, top image YouTube/Shrike Verner