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You can now adorn your cup with Japan’s (and possibly the world’s) favorite middle-aged teddy bear!

Ted, the talking teddy bear whose movies have been a huge hit in Japan, may not have scored any points with Santa this year for being good, but he’s sure looking cute as PUTITO figures designed to sit perched on the edge of your cup. Yes, we’ve seen rodentsPokémon and even Star Wars characters turned into cup-clinging figures before, and now the naughty yet lovable teddy bear has joined them as well.

Five types of Ted PUTITO figures have recently become available through Japanese bookshop and novelty store chain Village Vanguard, priced at 500 yen (US$4.13) a piece. Here’s a closer look at the figures, each about 5-6 centimeters (approximately 2 inches) tall.

▼Well, he’s got to promote his own movie, so we guess a figure holding a ted 2 sign makes sense.

ted 1_R1

▼ “Look, just one hand!”

ted 2_R1

▼ Are we just crazy, or does Ted look dashing in a red apron?

ted 3_R1

▼Some serious acrobatics going on here:

ted 4_R1

▼ And yes, there’s even version where Ted has his own drink while you enjoy yours from your glass.

ted 5_R1

It looks like these cup clingers are the perfect item to capture Ted’s … well, let’s just say unconventional and care-free spirit, particularly the one where he’s enjoying a drink of his own while perched on your glass! And the fact that he looks adorable in all these forms is just an added bonus that should make the figures a hit at any party.

▼ This Twitter user, who happens to be manga artist Mengo Yokoyari, shows us that you don’t even need a glass to use the Ted figures. All you need is a can of your favorite drink!

The Ted PUTITO figures are being sold at select Village Vanguard shops across Japan, and they also have a set of eight figures available for 4,000 yen ($33.04) on their online shop, but the online stock seems to be sold out at this time, even though it’s been only a few days since the item’s release.

You may not exactly be a role model, but the Japanese public sure seems to love you, Ted!

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