moneypillow in action

Oh, money, you make me smile like it’s Christmas Day and the cat’s just coughed up a shard of rainbow. As a man who spent most of his university years trying to work out ways to make potato chips and sliced bread viable alternatives to meat and vegetables, during the brief moments that I have a bit of cash in my bank account these days I become a noticeably nicer person to be around. I won’t even try to gouge your eyes if you greet me in the street.

This pillow is for people like me. People who want that warm money glow 24/7, so that even when our bank accounts are empty, our hearts are filled by the shallow but immediately believable promise of happiness that only cold, hard cash can bring.

Designed by Chic Sin Design and available from Japan-based website Monoco, this unique cushion measures 47 cm by 48 cm and is a huggable 18 cm thick. Made to look like a fat roll of 100 yuan (US$16) notes held together with a rubber band, this is the perfect gift for those who are constantly pinching their pennies or calling your house at 2 a.m. to remind you to pay back those three dollars they lent you.

For little more than a pile of threads, this actually looks pretty impressive, boasting a tremendous amount of detail.


Rather than coming from a cavernous stock room of trinkets and toys, this cushion–along with the other items carried by Monoco–is made to order only after the limited sale period has come to an end (at time of writing the item is available for just three more days) and then mailed directly to the buyer.

It might take a little while for your money pillow to reach you, but we’re sure it would prove to be an excellent conversation starter when friends come to visit, or at the very least give them a hint as to what you’d like for your next birthday.

▼There’s Chairman Mao looking as regal as ever.

moneypillow front

▼ A close-up shot of the detailed thread work.

moneypillow threads

For more information head over to the cushion’s listing on Monoco. Only members can make purchases via the site but Monoco is currently offering up to 70 percent off on a number of items so you might just grab yourself a bargain, leaving you with more money to rub against your face and make everything better.

Source/images: Monoco  (Japanese)