How did you first learn about the value of money as a child? Did you save up your allowance in a piggy bank until there was enough to buy a cool new toy? Or how about taking care of the neighbor’s cat for a small reward?

Or maybe you were never actually taught how to spend your cash wisely, and to this day keep a tall stack of credit card bills around in case you need to blow your nose.

Speaking of money going down the drain, that’s pretty much what one Japanese 7-year-old was found guilty of the other day. He was given a 1,000-yen note, worth roughly US$9.80, and told to “use it however you want.” While most other kids would have jumped for joy and rushed to the nearest toy store, this kid had a much more…creative idea.

The bad news is that nobody ever taught this kid how to use money responsibly. The good news is that somebody did teach him how to use scissors properly.

Check out the following tweet by one Twitter user last week:

▼”The 7-year-old child of relatives of someone I know received some pocket-money and was told to “use it however you want.” He made some art with it and got scolded very badly. This is total madness!”


▼”1,000-yen art”


You have to appreciate the smiley face and sparkles–they add some nice finishing touches.

Here’s what other Twitter users had to say when they saw the picture:

Yabai! Yabaaaai!”

“This…has potential.”

“I have confidence that this kid is gonna make it big.”

“At least it wasn’t a 10,000-yen note…”

“To a 7-year-old, paper money is like origami. I don’t see why he got in trouble, since they did say he could use it however he wanted.”

On the bright side, he does have a budding art career ahead of him–Picasso would be proud, don’t you think?

Source/images: My Game News Flash, So-net Blog: Shonan Kit