Heads up everyone, Mister Donut Japan is launching yet another cute collaboration that will have you stuffing your face with donuts in order to get your hands on some exclusive and limited merch.

Mister Donut has got to be the king of collaborations! They’ve already released products featuring a whole range of famous characters including SnoopyHello Kitty, and now Japan’s best-loved doughnut store is going to be teaming up with popular cross-mouthed Dutch rabbit Miffy.

From May 14 they’ll be running a campaign where you can get an adorable Miffy character tote bag featuring one of three designs: ‘Okao‘ or ‘face’, ‘Osanpo‘ meaning ‘walk’, or ‘Omekashi‘ which can be translated as ‘dress up’.


The bags are quite small at about 29 cm high x 42 cm wide x 12 cm deep. They’re the perfect size to carry your lunch box, a water bottle and a magazine, so long as we’re talking about a tiny Japanese o-bento lunch box. The Miffy designs capture the bright, simple tone of the picture books, and are stamped with the logo ‘misdo x miffy’.

So how can you get your hands on one? For every 300 yen (almost US$3) you spend in participating stores you’ll receive a point card, and once you’ve collected eight of them you can exchange them for one tote bag. So if my calculations are correct, that puts the value of a bag at 2,400 yen (around $24). Is it worth it? Well if you’re going to be eating that many doughnuts anyway, then of course! Unfortunately there are no Miffy-themed doughnuts to accompany the totes, but MisDo’s usual range of sweet, sugary goodies and drinks is tempting enough that I’m sure it won’t be a problem for most people to collect their eight cards. Personally I think I could do it in just one visit.

The campaign will last until June 8, but numbers are limited, so hurry on down to your closest branch.

Source & Images: EnTabe, Mister Donut