Itazura Banks are a series of cute little Japanese coin banks that look like cardboard boxes, each with an adorable animal hiding inside. You place a coin on the edge of the box and a sweet little kitty’s paw pops out to grab your money and keep it safe in the bank for you.

But if that all sounds a bit too cutesy for your liking, never fear—the newest Itazura Bank doesn’t contain a kitten or a panda, but Godzilla himself!

Place a coin on the calm sea, and the giant monster will loom up from underwater, eyes blazing and claw outstretched as he grabs your money and takes it into the depths of the ocean.


This pint-sized Godzilla roars victoriously as his own movie theme music plays in the background.

▼ I’d roar too if I had my own BGM.


Sensibly, the makers have resisted the temptation to call this item “Itazura Godzilla (“mischievous Godzilla”) in line with the rest of the range, and have gone instead for the no-nonsense name “Godzilla Bank”.

▼ Check it out!

The coin banks cost 2,970 yen (US$25), and are available to preorder now, shipping in early November.

With the Japanese reboot of the Godzilla franchise out in 2016, this coin bank should encourage fans to start stashing up their pennies (or should that be yennies?) for a trip to the cinema…or you could just use your savings to buy some more Godzilla merch. We won’t tell anyone.

Source: Toychan
Featured image: Rakuten