They’re not designed for human use, though.

Japan is in the middle of a golden era for capsule toys, with more variety and creativity than ever before on display in the segment. Th more robust the market gets, though, the more unusual your offerings have to be to stand out from the crowd, and capsule toy maker Mikazuki Usagi isn’t just thinking outside of the box, but outside of the shirt with its newest creation.

It’s called the Kinnikushion, a combination of “kinniku” (Japanese for “muscle”) and “cushion,” and that’s exactly what it is: a cushion shaped like a muscular bare chest, with bulging pecs and clearly defined abs. The complete lineup consists of five variations, denoted by the color of their bowtie: Kinniku Purple, Kinniku Red, Kinniku Black, Kinniku Blue, and Kinniku Pink. Aside from their differing colors, the designs are identical, with the exception of Kinniku Pink, where the color designation applies not only to the bowtie, but also that cushion’s extra prominent nipples.

Mikazuki Usagi says Kinnikushions are for customers aged 15 and older, but they’re actually not designed for human use. Instead, the 7-centmeter (2.75-inch) long cushions are intended for use as accessories for your figures, with the company saying “You can have fun letting your figures bury their faces in these stout chests.”

▼ Mikazuki Usagi also has figure-sized ponchos and earmuffs, in case you want to give your figures winter wardrobe a freshening up.

Figure accessories, including furniture, housewares, and other props, are a growing segment of the capsule toy market, but buff dude chest pillows are a new frontier, and Japanese Twitter users have reacted with startled intrigue.

“So powerful-looking.”
“I can’t wait until my local gacha machines start getting stocked with these.”
“If anyone sees these, please tell me where ASAP. Don’t care if I have to take a plane or a boat to get there – I’m collecting all of these.”
“I’d like one of these to use as a [PC] wrist rest.”
“It would be so fun to half-dress one of these in clothes with the color of your oshi [favorite anime character].”
“Naturally you’re gonna spray it with the cologne you think your oshi wears, right?”

Kinnikushions are set to go on sale in capsule machines next month, priced at 400 yen (US$2.85), but online capsule toy sellers like Amuse here are also offering them in bulk by the case.

Source: Twitter/@ _mikazukiusagi_ via IT Media, Twitter
Top image: Amuse
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