Your drink’s icy cold but the manga ice cubes in your glass are h-h-hot! Now taste the palpitating sound effects from your favourite comic books thanks to these new Manga KōriComic Ice silicone molds from Runa Corporation.

Coming in three designs, ゴゴゴ (go-go-go, the sound effect for rumbling), ドドド (do-do-do, the sound of running, galloping and whirring machinery), and あ゛あ゛あ゛ (a-a-a, best translated as “Arrgh”), all appear in your glass in the same font that’s often scrawled over tense moments in a manga character’s storyline. These tense comic book moments, amplified with dramatic katakana in varied sizes, now come to meet your tastebuds in the real world.


These molds are great for making chocolate as well. Perfect for those overwhelming “Arrrghhh” moments that can only be pacified with a hit of chocolate.


You don’t have to limit the experience to ice and chocolate, though! Why not try ice sherbets and jellies too? We’d like to see a line-up of ドドド (do-do-do) jellies wobbling like amazing 3D sound effects as we run by.


Or step away from the monotones and use juice or yoghurt ices for a multicoloured punch. The different sized molds give you an authentic virtual experience anywhere; just picture yourself in comic book form, with katakana onomatopoeia setting the mood from the glass in your quivering hand.51k9JRmvtaL

The molds are available from Amazon Japan for 2,980 yen (US$30.40) each. It won’t come cheap to get the full range of sound effects but imagine the tension you’ll feel every time you guzzle a drink down. Priceless.


Source, images: Amazon Japan/Runa
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