Across the globe there seems to be this stereotype that Japanese men are feminine and weak-willed. You can see it in the slang term for this new generation of young Japanese men, “herbivores,” implying that they have absolutely no craving for womanly flesh. A Chinese journalist even went so far as to say that the sex drive of a Japanese male is as underdeveloped as a third world country. Harsh words from a writer in a country full of virgins.

But is there any truth to this claim? And more importantly, does this mean that Japanese men are bad in bed?! Japanese media decided to get a better perspective on the matter by asking foreign women to dish about their Japanese boyfriends’ bedroom performance. Their responses spoke only of satisfaction and should serve to stroke a lot of Japanese male egos.

Before we get into the dirtier details of international couples dancing the horizontal tango, let’s look at some numbers. According to a recent report from a British adult toys manufacturer, married couples in Japan have less sex every year than all 25 other countries included in his study, averaging at about 48 rounds of sex annually! Of course, this doesn’t mean that Japanese men lack a libido; they may just lack the space! Think about parents having to share the bed with their children. Creating a beast with two backs could give the kids nightmares, and that wouldn’t be right.

Thankfully, a low quantity of sex does not necessarily reflect badly on the quality, as numerous foreign women have showered praise upon the prowess of their Japanese boys in bed. At the very least, compared to the boys in their home countries, they have compliments to give. What it mostly boils down to is that Japanese guys are so darn considerate and nice to their girls. One American, who’s been married to her Japanese husband for a good 13 years says, “He’s always kind and puts my pleasure first when we’re in bed together. I’ve come to love our bed at home.”Another Englishwoman notes, “My boyfriend doesn’t just roll over and light up a smoke when we’re done. Rather, he always looks out for me.” Makes me wonder what sort of jerk-offs she dated in the past.

A Russian woman comments particularly on grooming, saying how nice it is that Japanese men will shave their legs and chest before getting intimate, and goes on to criticize Russian men for their bad hygiene. “[Russian men] seem so filthy; it really disturbs the act.”

Of course, none of these comments so far say much about the actual techniques implemented by Japanese men. For that we turn to a Spanish woman with intimate inside her insider knowledge of many a Japanese man. According to her, the pride of Japanese men lies in their genuine work ethic and that children in Japan are conditioned from the time they’re young to pursue their goals wholeheartedly. Apparently they, unlike their Western counterparts, bring that same determination to the bedroom. The nighttime agenda: to bring happiness to their lady friends.While I can’t say I oppose the pursuit of pleasure, I’m also not entirely fond of being thought of as my man’s second job…

So in the end, what can our foreign readers learn from all this? Ladies, if you want to be treated with reverence in the bedroom, be on the lookout for available Japanese men. And guys, shower, shave, and try not to act selfish between the sheets. These things are the keys to satisfaction.

Source: Xinhua via Hachima Kikou (Japanese)