Should you happen to be in Tokyo this Golden Week, you have until Tuesday (May 7) to check out a free (!!!) art gallery displaying some beautiful works by Amano Yoshitaka. If the name doesn’t ring any bells, some of the projects he’s worked on surely will: Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, and the incomparable Sandman: the Dream Hunters.

And if you happen to have a few extra yen laying about, you can also pick up some original pieces! The least expensive one we found was only about 40,000 yen (US$402), and the most expensive we spied was about 3.8 million yen (US$38,381). Even if you can’t pick up the original art, you can still get postcards, posters, notebooks, and calendars with Amano’s brilliant art. And! You’ll get a poster just for coming by!

Photo and event information below! (Some of the photos are not safe for work!!!)

Event name: Amano Yoshitaka Exhibit: 20,000 Years of Illusion
Location: Shinjuku Island Tower, South Tower, B1F, Aqua Plaza
Dates: May 2 to May 7
Time: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Final day until 6 p.m.)

Even Poster:
Photos: RocketNews24 (event photos/postcards), Wikipedia

▼   Some standups at the door. (Life-sized!)


▼   A statue eerily reminiscent of the classic 1927 film Metropolis


▼   No idea what this is…but we sure would love to hang it on our living room walls!


▼   Here’s the free poster! This alone is worth the price of admission! ;)

Amano 1b

▼   A close up of the central characters

Amano 2b

▼   And here are the postcards. There are two sets, both going for 500 yen (US$5.05).

Amano 4b Amano 5b Amano 6b Amano 6ba Amano 7b Amano 8b Amano 9b Amano 10b

▼   And one unrelated Amano piece, just because we can’t stop staring.