What could be cuter than a fluffy, rolly-polly panda? A panda full of gooey strawberry-milk flavored cream of course. That’s just what Ginza Cozy Corner is cooking up at their L’Ueno shop this month.

In the latest in their Panda-Yaki series of sweet and savory snack cakes depicting god’s gift to cuteness, Cozy Corner is unveiling their newest flavor on 21 January for 141 yen (US$1.35) each.

Panda-yaki is a modernized version of taiyaki, one of the most standard snack cakes in Japan. Traditionally taiyaki are filled with sweet bean paste, but you wouldn’t have to struggle to find custard, chocolate or green tea cream filled ones as well.

However, the traditional molded shape of a tai (sea bream) may come across as ill-fitted for a sweet and creamy snack cake to some. Sea bream is a traditional celebratory food in Japan and to put it in a Western context, it’d be like making a baked turkey-shaped Twinkie.

Even with the turkey analogy, you can see sensory confusion arise from this. So, Cozy Corner decided to make their sweet and fluffy cakes in the shape of a sweet and fluffy animal with Panda-yaki. Currently they’re available in:


Ogura (Red sweet bean paste)



And Cheese

Throw strawberry-milk flavor into the mix and you got a line-up of epic panda-portions. So get on down to Ueno and lick the creamy pink goo out of an adorable panda’s head!

Source: PR Times, Entabe, Ginza Cozy Corner
Taiyaki Image: Wikipedia – Toto-tarou

Where to find Panda-Yaki