Generally, when looking for information, I avoid Q&A websites such as Yahoo! Answers at all costs. But recently I’ve been rethinking that policy. There are a lot of freaky people floating around these places that I’m missing out on.

One such freak gave the “best answer” to a simple request on buying doctor fish, a popular name for those fish in spas that remove the dead skin from your feet. It’s surprising though since while this response does give some fascinating insight into how a doctor fish eroticism addiction can affect the family unit, it seemed to lack any hard facts like a price or specific location.

The initial question was short and sweet.

“Do they sell those fish that eat dead skin to individuals?

Could you tell me where to buy them on the net?”

The question yielded five responses some of which had links to places you could buy doctor fish and prices (680 yen (US$7) per fish if you were wondering).  A couple mentioned that a hardware store should carry them (in Japan large home improvement stores often have a pet section).

However, the only response that received votes and was selected as the best answer was the following.

“They’re expensive, but if you don’t get enough, the tank looks kind of pathetic. I think it’d be better not to get them for yourself.

At a home improvement store my son put his penis in the tank which caused a whole bunch of them to swarm around it. I didn’t know what to do. My son looked really happy though and stayed like that for around 3 hours. I had to figure after that long, after finishing the dead skin, they were eating water-logged skin too.

Since then, on a daily basis, my son would ask to go to the hardware store.  Every so often I would lose my patience and take him.  However, one time the clerk said that my son was banned from the store for bothering the other customers. So reluctantly, I bought 20 fish and put them in a kiddie pool, but at this point my husband got hooked on it too. As I had feared, it looked as if every day he and our son would be playing around in that kiddie pool. However, one day as my husband was enjoying the pool with our son all of the fish were wiped out in a day, perhaps because my husband farted in the water. I think you’d be better off borrowing them from someone else to get your rocks off.”

Although the original question and answer went down back in 2009, this response has been going viral across Twitter in Japan recently.  I guess 2013 is seeing a resurgence of people interested in immersing their privates in doctor fish.

Source: Yahoo! Answers via IT Media (Japanese)
Image: Wikipedia – Michelle Jo