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“Add a lot of cute decorations to the room we’re staying in!” says the blue goldfish with a matching blue tiara. No this isn’t a joke; uncommonly cute anthropomorphic goldfish are just a part of the marketing campaign for a completely customizable fish tank aimed at young children in Japan. With a fancy backdrop and jewels galore, it’s a far ways away from the plastic aquatic plant or bubbling clam shell in typical aquariums.

The fish tank kit is produced by Marukan, one of Japan’s largest pet supply corporations, and comes with a tank, an air hose that resembles a necklace, filter and other items in a standard fish tank start-up kit. More importantly (in the eyes of most children who want this product), it comes with a hologram backdrop, stickers, and clear “jewel stones.” Special food and other accessories of a wide range of colors are, of course, sold separately. And here’s the gaggle of cutsey goldfish to go along with Marukan’s new fish tank:

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You can even buy a “diamond curtain” – because you want your fish to look classy, don’t you?

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There are also “tube stones” which slide onto the air hose…

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Though the price has yet to be announced, this is looking to be an expensive purchase for mom and dad with an indefinite amount of extra accessory purchases to follow. But forget about mom and dad, we feel bad for the poor fish who are going to need sunglasses while swimming around in this blindingly blinged out tank.

Source: niconico news
Images: Nisso, MG