Countries of the world have a lot of different features and services that make them unique to each other, but one of the things you can always find from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe is the humble taxi cab.

Of course not all taxis are equal; the cars used and more importantly the fares charged can vary greatly. If you’re interested in where your country stands or if you’re planning a trip abroad, Trip Advisor Japan has whipped up a quick and handy infographic ranking 25 places around the world by the rates of their taxis.

The taxis in these major cities are all ranked according to how far of a distance 1,000 yen (US$9.75) would get you. The rates were obtained by the cities’ tourism centers or taxi companies. Here they are from most to least expensive.

25 – Amsterdam, Netherlands (2.695km/1.674mi)

24 – Tokyo, Japan (2.896km/1.799mi)

23 – Rome, Italy (3.510km/2.181mi)

22 – Berlin, Germany (3.816km/2.371mi)

21 – Sydney, Australia (4.271km/2.653mi)

20 – London, England (4.741km/2.945mi)

19 – Toronto, Canada (4.748km/2.950mi)

18 – Cairo, Egypt (5.000km/3.106mi)

17 – Madrid, Spain (5.939km/3.690mi)

16 – Prague, Czech (6.385km/3.967mi)

15 – Hawaii, USA (7.313km/4.544mi)

14 – Paris, France (7.505km/4.663mi)

13 – New York, USA (8.403km/5.221mi)

12 – Johannesburg, South Africa (9.650km/5.996mi)

11 – Moscow, Russia (10.000km/6.213mi)

10 – Istanbul, Turkey (13.871km/8.619mi)

9 – Taipei, Taiwan (16.411km/10.197mi)

8 – Seoul, South Korea (18.159km/11.283mi)

7 – Singapore, Singapore (25.538km/15.868mi)

6 – Beijing, China (35.410km/22.002mi)

5 – Manila, Philippines (43.277km/26.891mi)

4 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (45.729km/28.414mi)

3 – Mexico City, Mexico (46.564km/28.933mi)

2 – Bangkok, Thailand (55.399km/34.423mi)

1 – Delhi, India (86.960km/54.034mi)

Well, we certainly suck. It would seem most of Asia aside from Tokyo enjoys very reasonably price taxi services. That being said, I’d probably be too scared to take any of the top four taxis.

It should also be noted that these rankings do not take into account waiting time charges, taxes, or tips where applicable. The complete lack of tipping for taxi drivers in Japan may help its dismal performance here.

In other news, Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport are considering loosening the caps on taxi and bus fares for the nation by 2.86 percent. The move is intended to help taxi and bus companies not to be affected by the rise in consumption tax next April. Raising the cap will allow the services to maintain their profits while passing the tax burden onto the consumer raising the base fare to 730 yen (US$7.13).

Son of a…

Source: TripAdvisor, Nihon Keizai Shinbun