Mr. Sato’s love of hamburgers and ramen noodles is perhaps known by thousands of people across the world. But what if we put bun and noodle together and served them up in an enticing tower of excess? We decided to put his love to the test by pimping out the new Lotteria Ramen Burger with an extra 10 servings of noodles. Because we’re nice like that.

So who will win, man or beastly carbohydrate? Will the burger ultimately contribute to its own demise by giving Mr. Sato the carbs he needs to complete the challenge? Or will they tire him out with a good old-fashioned belly bloat? We’ve got the photos and video of their tryst inside.

Fast food chain Lotteria is officially releasing its Menya Musashi Ramen Burger on May 20, but we were lucky to get our hands on a pre-sale burger, available from May 17 at some stores in the Kanto region.


As the new burger deal includes the option for extra servings of noodles at 100 yen (US$0.97) each, we decided to beef noodle it up with 10 extra cups.


We were hoping the mammoth tower would intimidate Mr. Sato, but when we brought it out to him his eyes lit up and we may have even seen a tear in his eye. “An off-the menu exclusive creation! A burger specially made just for me! Aww, shucks, you guys!” he exclaimed. Hmmphh. You might be smiling now, Mr Sato. Let’s see you in a few minutes.


Our man started off confidently, delving in with his hands and mouth working in unison for fast devourment. The buns weren’t coming into play at all, making this a pure noodle extravaganza.



After a few energetic fistfuls, Mr Sato showed the first signs of possible defeat by opting to add some of the bonito-flavoured soup to the noodles. He said it was just to get another flavour in there but we couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the meal being too much for him so early in.





But how wrong we were! Oodle after oodle of noodle, Mr. Sato showed no signs of slowing down.




Having made quite a dent in the noodle part of the business, he decided to pour the rest of the soup all over the subdued beast. “There are no rules with a mega ramen burger and this is how I roll!” We knew we forgot something in the excitement of this challenge: a set of victory-restricting rules. Next time Mr. Sato!



With no rules to bind him, Mr Sato decided to leave the soup-soaked buns for last and eat them for dessert.




Finally, for the pièce de résistance: the coveted and deliciously fatty chāshū, a tender roast pork fillet. It was hidden in amongst the noodles like a lost treasure waiting to be found.


And there you have it. Victory to our man Mr. Sato! Like any revered master, he pays homage to the feast and the sacred battleground.


Looking back at the burger noodle tower that once was, we have to admit we’re impressed by this man’s eating ability. All this is now sitting in one man’s belly. Another achievement for mankind!


So what did Mr Sato do once his gallant victory was confirmed? Did he clasp his hands in the air and kiss his guns? Go for a victory run around the office? No. He went straight to the couch to sleep it all off. Well, sweet dreams to you, good sir; you’ve earned it. Maybe, just maybe we’ll get you next time. Next time…

Photos © SoraNews24 
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