hatsune miku louis vuittonHatsune Miku, the virtual pop singer, has been selling out entire theatres for her most recent performance in The End, the world’s first (and possibly only) vocaloid opera. As would be expected from an opera that replaces humans with digital singers, The End is full of surprises. But the most surprising of all is their choice of Marc Jacobs as digital wardrobe designer. Miku’s new outfit was recently revealed at the premiere of The End in Shibuya.

For her performance in The End, Miku swaps her signature gray and blue suit for a Damier checkerboard patterned two-piece outfit designed by Marc Jacobs and the Louis Vuitton studio team. The pattern is inspired by their 2013 Spring/Summer collection, but has been given a pixelated touch with starker contrasts and sizes. Initial sketches of Miku’s new wardrobe were met with mixed reviews from Japanese fans who thought Miku was barely recognizable.

Luitton Hatsune Miku

However, now that Hatsune Miku has been turned into a life-size statue and actually looks like herself, fans can’t help but drool over her.

hatsune miku louis vuitton14

Miku is said to only be 16 years old, but she looks like a full-fledged adult in her new Louis Vuitton outfit. Now that she’s been brought to our 3-D world, with her long locks forever flowing in the non-existent breeze, Miku is one step closer to becoming jailbait (for those in the US at least).

Now that she’s finished her tour in Tokyo, Miku is scheduled to make an appearance in Paris this November. To this unfashionable writer who rarely even wears the same colored socks let alone a fully coordinated outfit, Marc Jacobs’ Miku looks quite stylish. But what will people from the fashion capital of the world think of Miku’s Damier pattern ensemble? We eagerly await their reaction.

▼  Take a look at the official trailer for The End.

▼   Enjoy some more views of Hatsune Miku in her Louis Vuitton ensemble. Keep your mouth open, guys.

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