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Two designs to help you and your beloved begin your real-world wedded bliss.

In Japanese, the numerals 3 and 9 can be read as “mi” and “ku,” which makes March 9 (3-9) a special day for fans of virtual idol Hatsune Miku. Every year on this day Miku’s fans share photos and fan art of the Vocaloid online, but this year Miku herself revealed something special for her biggest supporters.

Following in the footsteps of anime franchises Sailor Moon and One Piece, Hatsune Miku can now grace your official, legally binding marriage registration certificate in Japan.

MK 1

The certificates come in a set of three, two of which are to be submitted to officially start you and your partner’s married life together (pictured directly above), and a third, commemorative document for the two of you to hang onto (shown below).

MK 2

The commemorative paper even has a few extras that don’t appear on the legal Miku paperwork. There’s a message of congratulations from Crypton Future Media, Miku’s production company, as well as boxes in which to write what you like best about your spouse as well as your favorite song (which for most people filling out the form is something sung by Hatsune Miku, we’re going to bet).

▼ Crypton’s message, with company seal

MK 3

Two different designs are available, with the wedding dress-wearing Miku drawn by illustrator KEI. In addition to the blue version above, there’s also a pink variant, with the drawing zoomed out to show the virtual idol’s whole figure.

▼ Official certificate

MK 4

▼ Commemorative certificate

MK 5

Both sets are identically priced at 3,900 yen (US$35), and can be ordered online (blue version here, pink here). As an added bonus, if the last digit of your order number ends in a 3 or 9, you’ll also receive a plastic Hastune Miku file.

MK 6

Somewhat ironically, winners will receive only one file. But hey, if you and your spouse-to-be can’t learn to share your Hatsune Miku goodies, odds are your marriage won’t be lasting very long anyway.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Konin Todoke Seisakusho (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Konin Todoke Seisakusho (1, 2, 3)