Mayla captures the essence of the Vocaloid with lever little details.

Image colors are a big thing in Japanese character design, and few have created a closer association with their color scheme than Hatsune Miku. Her trademark teal tresses work as an instant visual shorthand for the character to in-the-know Vocaloid fans, and even the broader community of general Japanese pop culture fans know that if you add in a dash of pink and some silver/gray and black accents, that combination of colors has to be referring to the original virtual idol.

So Osaka-based fashion company Mayla could have just slapped those colors on any pair of pumps and called it a day for their new Hatsune Miku collaboration. The designers went the extra mile, though, adding an array of touches to the shoes that reference and incorporate Miku’s overall aesthetic style.

For starters, the pair of long, flowing ribbons are meant to evoke thoughts of Miku’s twin tail hairstyle.

The bright band of the instep strap is inspired by Miku’s hair accessories that keep those twin tails in their bunches.

And the way the heels themselves flare out as they approach the base? That’s styled after Miku’s outfit’s forearm covers, which do the same between her elbows and wrists.

Add in another strip of teal near the toes as an equivalent for the hem of Miku’s skirt, and honestly it’s a surprisingly strong resemblance.

Other little details include insole patterns that reference “8-31,” the release date for the initial Hatsune Miku Vocaloid program and the character’s official birthdate.

In keeping with Mayla’s commitment to looking good from any angle (which we also saw with their line of Sailor Moon shoes and Violet Evergarden skirts), even the soles have fancy patterns…

…and the box lets you add some Hatsune Miku appeal to your home interior even when the shoes aren’t on your feet.

Officially called the Hatsune Miku Iconique Shoes Objet Pumps, the shoes are being offered through the Mayla online shop here for 29,920 yen (US$205). Preorders are open now and run through noon on March 3 (Japan time), with delivery promised by August 31.

Source: PR Times via Nijimen
Top image: Mayla
Insert images: PR Times, Mayla
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