A while back we reported on Hatsune Miku’s hijacking of four Family Mart convenience stores.  This time, however, Family Mart has turned the tables by hijacking Hatsune Miku herself and hiring her as a store clerk.

The news comes during a display at Wonder Festival (Wonfes) Summer 2012 by figurine makers Good Smile Company.  In the display figures of Miku sporting a Family Mart Uniform (with a few cute alterations) could be seen.  These will be part of an upcoming promotional event between the popular Vocaloid and convenience store chain.

This Family Mart promotion is called Happy Kuji and is a type of lottery in which 800 yen (US$10) will give you a chance to pull a ticket out of a box.  With a little luck you could walk away with some Hatsune Miku swag including these limited edition figures.

The first one is a 1:6 scale Hatsune Miku statue with her wearing the short sleeved shirt with mint green stripes that make up the current Family Mart uniform.  Interestingly you might have not even noticed she was wearing a uniform since the colors almost exactly match the ones she typically uses in her regular outfit.

There are also two kinds of Nendoroid figures of super deformed “Hachune Miku” who instead of holding her usual green onion is holding a piece of Family Mart chicken.  The detail in the chicken is exquisite in that you can even see the QR code on the tiny wrapper.

There was also a Jumbo Nendoroid Miku made by master figure maker Yukio Ageta, but it looks like this was only for the display and not part of the promotion.

The promotion starts in the middle of August and beyond the lottery, Family Mart is also offering various Miku related products like fried noodles, vegetable juice, and the highly anticipated Mikuman Hatsune Miku themed steamed meat dumplings (nikuman).  Family Mart is keeping details of the Mikuman highly under wraps for longer than expected.

So with these figures being only available through the contest and no info on Mikuman, the masses are getting restless.  In return we demand that all Family Mart staff adopt Hatsune Miku’s style of uniform with pleated white miniskirt, thigh-high boots, and blue hair.

Photos: RocketNews24& family.co.jp

Family Mart: Happy Kuji (Japanese)
Good Smile Company: Miku Nendoroids (Japanese)

▼There she is rocking the Family Mart uniform!

▼ She carries it well.

▼They’re meant for the Happy Kuji campaign, but maybe there will be a way to buy them… maybe.

▼What’s that Nendoroid holding, a microphone?

▼Fried chicken! No wonder she looks a little chubbier in these figures.

▼There’s a lot of other Miku’s around the exhibit too.

▼This Jumbo Nendoroid could also be seen, only at Wonder Festival though.

▼This lovely pair are wearing authentic Family Mart uniforms.

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