Japanese animation has over the course of its evolution branched out into several sub-genres based on the proliferating light novels and manga series. While this is great, it seems as though the once-loved era of giant fighting robots seems to be slipping away.

Gundam‘s still chugging along and Evangelion has been enjoying its reboot, but there hasn’t been a whole lot new going on. Enter Abu Dhabi-based Alter Ego Productions with their trailer for Torkaizer which offers a fresh look on a classic genre.

Torkaizer begins with a young Emirati man named Ahmed who while on vacation in Tokyo gets mixed up in an alien invasion (which, as we all know, is a regular occurrence in Tokyo). Ahmed then comes across the giant mech Torkaizer and tries to use it to unify the world against the invaders.

Since debuting at the MEF Comic-Con in Dubai, the trailer for Torkaizer has enamored Japanese viewers drawing comments such as:

“This is some hot robot anime”
“Cool! Please release this in Japan, but we would also like to see some scenes in the Middle East too if you can. I want to see robot action in exotic cities like yours!”

In fact, quite a few Japanese commenters were touched that Tokyo was the setting of the story but would much prefer to see the same thing take place in Alter Ego’s home of Abu Dabi for a unique angle on an age-old classic.

The style is certainly right up Japan’s alley, drawing comparisons to Evangelion and Kotetsu no Hanappashira from viewers. I personally saw a lot of Zone of Enders in the trailer, but the added twist of an Emirati tourist piloting the mech in Tokyo could give the story a really unique cross-cultural perspective.

Alter Ego Productions is still getting off the ground and looking for funding but with the level of support they are getting from the home of anime, you might want to keep an eye out for them on your favorite crowd funding site.

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