Japanese office supply company Kokuyo S&T says that obsidian is believed to be a powerful stone which can protect against evil and calmy improve one’s focus and endurance.

This is why they named their newest device with the Japanese word for obsidian, Kokuyoseki. This little gadget slides onto your finger like a regular ring and lets you smoothly navigate your presentations without having to touch your computer.

Using your thumb the simple three-button interface lets you perform the fundamental tasks needed for slideshow presentations. Of course, you can move back and forth between slides but also start up, black out, and jump to the final frame with some simple manipulations.

It works with Windows XP and up as well as Mac OSX 10.5 to 10.8 and major slideshow presentation software like PowerPoint and Keynote. The unit measures about 3 cubic centimeters and weighs about 12 grams including the LR43 button cell which can run Kokuyoseki for 15 hours straight.

It also comes with two types of ring holders. One is intended for fingers up to 25mm in diameter. The smaller one can slide onto laser pointers for an all in one presentation device.

It would be cool if Kokuyo could put a laser pointer into Kokuyoseki (the two names are unrelated). That way we could highlight key points of your presentation like the Green Lantern, but that would probably push the expected selling price of 4,935 yen (US$48) up when it’s released on 12 June.

Source: Kokuyo via Internet Watch (Japanese)