At approximately 10am on Wednesday, 5 June, Suma Municipal Sea Fishing Park in Kobe became a crime scene after a 68-year-old fisherman made a once in a lifetime catch.

The man was looking to land a nice mackerel, but he was shocked to find a human bone dangling at the end of his line. Along with the bone, he also caught a black sock that appeared to be large enough for an adult male. The fisherman told the park staff who then notified the police.

The authorities are still trying to identify the owner of the bone and are scouring the area in search of more. They have confirmed to media that it is a bone from the leg, below the knee. This would suggest it’s either a tibia or fibula.

The average tibia is said to be 40.03 cm long… just in case anyone overhears the fisherman over-exaggerating about the size of his catch in the pub this weekend. You know how those guys can be.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News (Japanese)