That’s probably one result he didn’t see coming.

It’s FIFA World Cup time again, which means its time for people all over Japan to see if animals have the supernatural ability to predict the outcomes of games.

I hear there’s some kind of tournament too, but who can think about that with all this paranormal activity afoot!

▼ These jellyfish predicted Poland’s victory over Japan

One rising star in the psychic animal friends network was Rabiot, a Giant Pacific Octopus caught in the town of Obira, Hokkaido and presumably named after the French midfielder Adrien Rabiot.

Rabiot’s selection method involved being placed in a two-meter (6.6-foot) wide kiddie pool divided into three sectors: win (Japan), lose (opponent country), and draw. Rabiot’s “prediction” would be determined by what part of the pool he would take refuge in.

Rabiot became nationally known during the first stage of the 2018 World Cup, being one of the few animals to have beaten the odds (one in 27 to be exact) and predicted Japan’s win against Colombia, tie with Senegal, and loss to Poland.

Despite Japan’s moving on to the next round of the tournament, Rabiot’s rise to fame came to an abrupt end. Apparently, Kimio Abe, the 51-year-old fisherman who caught Rabiot, felt it was more important to maintain his business than continue indulging the belief that his octopus was the reincarnation of Lefty Rosenthal.

So, he promptly had Rabiot “shipped,” which is a polite term for having the octopus gutted and cleaned before sending him off to market.

Rabiot-watchers were saddened by the news, but many understood that this was the way of life in the octopus fishing business.

“I hope you end up in something really delicious.”
“He was ‘shipped’ and there ain’t nothing we can do about it.”
“That fisherman really doesn’t play around.”

Indeed he doesn’t, but showing his appreciation, Abe told media he was happy that Rabiot could hit all three games correctly and that Japan could advance to the next round. He then added, “I hope that the second Rabiot will also give all the outcomes correctly and that Japan will go all the way.”

Japan, who barely squeezed by and got into the next round due to a technicality, is set to face third-ranked Belgium in the next round. So, you might say that getting slaughtered was perhaps Rabiot’s way of making one final correct prediction….

Source: Mainichi Shimbun, Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@mizuhara_kai