This bizarre room listing gives a whole new meaning to “open-air layout.” A Tokyo real estate agency is advertising this room with a 160-square-meter (524 ft) balcony attached. It all seems like a fantastic deal until you realize that, while the balcony is indeed enormous, it dwarfs the room itself – which is a mere 25 square meters and somehow manages to cram a bathtub, toilet and kitchen inside.

It turns out the letting agency is, as you can see in the below photo, taking some creative liberties with the term “balcony.”

▼ What we mean is it’s actually a roof.


The vertical layout and cramped spaces of Tokyo occasionally lead to some pretty bizarre floor plans, some of which look genuinely fun to live in, but who wants to pay near US$780/month for this place when you could just bring a cardboard box to somebody’s roof and steal their wifi?


Source: Byoukan Sunday