What could possibly be worse than having to put down your beloved dog? How about that dog coming back from the grave and hunting you down?

Okay, that’s a gross exaggeration, but as you’ll see, there’s a good reason for that being my first thought when I saw this story.

Zhuangzhuang, a guard dog at a manufacturing plant in Luoyang City in the Henan Province of China, broke its leg while jumping at the end of April. A few days later, several of the plant employees took the dog to a veterinarian. The vet, whose office is 12 kilometers (about 7.45 miles) from the plant, said that the leg would not heal, so it would be best to euthanize the German Shepherd.

The employees agreed and left the dog with the vet.

However, they were in for a surprise that afternoon when Zhuangzhuang came limping back home. Obviously confused and quite shocked, they called the vet who admitted that the dog had only been given anesthetics. How the dog got out of the vet’s office is unclear, but the animal doctor has fully refunded their money.


Don’t worry. We’ll understand if you’ve suddenly gotten some dust in your eyes. I, uh, might need a tissue myself…

And besides, Japanese netizens mostly responded in the same way.

This is wonderful!

I feel like I could cry. Is its leg okay??

I don’t get how you could suggest putting it down just because its leg won’t heal. Stupid!

12 kilometers on a broken leg must hurt like hell…

I’m crying…gimme a second here…

Yeah, after reading this, I realized how much I love dogs!


We haven’t been able to find out any information about the wounds on Zhuangzhuang’s body, though I believe they occurred when the dog broke its leg.

We’d all like to wish Zhuangzhuang a quick recovery (as much as is possible) and a happy rest of its life! Good luck, pup!!

Sources: Hachima Kikou, Xinhua