These photos, which surfaced recently on a Vipper forum, show a Showa Era newspaper’s predictions of what Tokyo would look like in their future. If Mark Twain can foresee the Internet nearly a hundred years in advance, surely a Showa Era newspaper can get a few predictions right? Let’s take a look:

▼ In the classroom of the future, children will have extreme attention deficit disorders, requiring a fleet of corporal punishment robots to keep them in line, and some kind of sinister time-out bot (far right). Instead of answering questions the old fashioned way, kids will apparently play a slot machine type device until the right answer comes out.


▼ Crime solving seems basically unchanged, except that detectives of the future will play an oversized game of Guess Who? to determine guilt (center left).


▼ This picture accurately predicts sprinkler systems, and automated fire alarms.


▼ This tech-centric photo accurately predicts Roombas, 3-D televisions, teleconferencing and more. But falls short on the evolution of the computer, and goes a bit overboard with mobile tables that bring dinner to you.


▼ Honestly, we’re not even sure what’s going on here, but apparently cars in 2011 with be floating, sentient and extremely disgruntled about their jobs. Did we miss the memo?


More creative members of the Vipper community decided the pictures presented a perfect opportunity for them to make their own predictions of what 3013 has in store for us:

“Robots will be smarter than us.”

“Endangered species will make a comeback.”

“Humans will no longer have chins.”

“Human legs will become too weak from over-reliance on elevators, chairs and cars, and degenerate into slug-like appendages.”

Now where did my car drive itself off to?

Source: Vippers