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With the rainy season already here in Japan it’s time to start planning out your summer activities. Anime fans already have July 20 marked on their calendars, being the day when the newest animated film from Studio Ghibli, The Wind Rises, is set to premier. With legendary studio head Hayao Miyazaki back in the director’s chair, expectations are sky high for the tale about Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of the Zero fighter plane used by the Japanese military in World War II.

It’s normal to see trailers for upcoming films when you go to the movies, and some theatres are currently showing an extended four-minute preview for The Wind Rises. What’s unusual is some cinemas’ decision to show the preview directly following the conclusion of the feature film viewers just paid to see.

While the chance to see even a few minutes of Ghibli’s latest creation before its official opening is doubtlessly pulling in a few extra viewers to the films the preview is shown after, not everyone is happy. With movie tickets in Japan usually costing around 1,800 yen (US $18.60), filmgoers want to make sure they get their money’s worth. Several of them have complained that it ruins the effect of the movie they came to see if, right after the credits finish rolling, another presentation starts up. Sometimes you want to compose yourself and wipe away the tears brought on by a stirring finale, or to catch your breath and stop hiccupping from the laughing triggered by a closing punch line. You may need a moment to think up a proper response for when your girlfriend inevitably asks, “So, what did you think?” about the god-awful rom-com you just sat through.

▼ Yep, it was… good. I thought it was really sweet when….the slouchy guy…fought the dragon? Sorry, I fell asleep.

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The point is, it’s unfair to deny viewers the chance to properly digest the movie they just finished. Some customers were also irked that in addition to the preview being shown after the movie, a preview for the preview also appears before the main feature.

▼ Coming up, the preview for The Wind Rises! But first 90 Minutes of Some Other Movie

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Enough people voiced their concerns that TOHO Cinemas has reconsidered its stance. The theatre chain has issued a statement that starting from June 13, the preview for The Wind Rises will now be shown before the primary film.

No word yet on how many hard-core anime fans have complained that this robs them of their chance to duly contemplate the preview.

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