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For many fitness enthusiasts, exercising in front of a TV while perched a Nintendo Wii balance board might seem like a bit of a joke, and we’re sure that yoga is the last thing on many gamers’ minds when they power up their machine. So when we first caught sight of the following video from Nintendo we weren’t quite sure what to make of it. As it turns out, though, as well as introducing not one but two new Super Smash Bros games for Wii U and 3DS, with new characters to boot, the video itself is actually quite awesome.

That’s right, folks, Nintendo is bringing the chaotic crowd-pleasing brawler Super Smash Bros to their newest platforms in 2014! Although both stick to the tried-and-tested formula that fans have been enjoying since the series began back in 1999, the two games play to the strengths of their respective consoles, with the 3DS version sporting simpler, more cartoony visuals in order to keep the action moving at the frantic pace that we know and love.

What really got us in the mood for the games, though, was the promotional video that Nintendo recently released online.

The trailer starts off with three of Nintendo’s longest-serving heros getting flexible at home with Wii Fit, the health and fitness title that became a household name in 2008 when it launched alongside a unique balance board accessory.

smash start

But just as the three are starting to tire, something rather unexpected happens…

smash tapped on the back

The Wii Fit instructor herself, dressed in her usual training wear, shows up. But she seems unimpressed…

smash yoga

BOOM! Don’t be fooled by all that yoga-inspired pacifism; this girl knows how to fight, and, would you believe it, she’s just one of three new characters joining the series!

smash smash

If the thought of a pastel-coloured yoga expert swinging at Luigi’s face with a baseball bat doesn’t quite inspire you, how about busting a few heads with the cutesy male hero of Animal Crossing?

smash villager

Bug-catching nets and plant pots still not fearsome enough? Well then how about the plasma rifle-equipped android hero Mega Man!?


Yup, the two new games are shaping up to be the biggest Nintendo brawlers yet, with an absolutely enormous cast of characters and more slapstick weapons than you can throw at a princess. Although the titles won’t be arriving until sometime next year, we’re already champing at the bit to get back into the action. It’s been too long since we last swung a Donkey Kong mallet at Pikachu’s cute little face…

We’ll leave you now with a couple of official videos from Nintendo. Who knows: with titles like these, the Wii U may not be doomed after all!

Source: IT Media (Japanese)
Video/images via YouTube SmashbrosCh