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While travelling in Thailand, I was surprised by the large number of unattended dogs roaming about town. Much like the country’s citizens, though, they’re generally good-natured, and you’ll often see the laid-back pooches sleeping peacefully in plazas, next to temples, and along riverbanks.

Thai society appreciates the value of a good nap, but one canine in the city of Ayutthaya has more than just cultural justification for taking a snooze. Pui the Bangkaew dog has earned himself a little bit of rest and relaxation by saving a baby’s life.

Like most dogs, Pui likes to roam around the neighborhood, often without the couple who own him, letting his advanced sense of smell guide him in foraging for things to munch on or play with.
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Recently, Pui’s wanderings took him to the local trash heap, where while poking around he came across a newborn baby with her umbilical chord still attached abandoned inside a plastic bag.

With no one else nearby, the clever canine grasped the bag in his teeth and dragged the baby to safety. After reaching home, Pui began barking, hoping to alert his owners inside. Unfortunately, the couple has become so used to the dog’s noise that they paid him no mind. Pui eventually managed to attract the attention of a group of neighborhood kids, who immediately noticed the baby and summoned help. The child was taken to the hospital for medical treatment, and doctors say she is showing steady signs of recovery.

Although it’s not uncommon for dogs to carry home things that strike their fancy, Pui’s owners say this is the first time he has brought something back from one of his adventures. The couple thinks Pui’s bringing the baby to them may be a sign, and are considering adopting the child.

Of course, such an act of heroism deserves recognition, and Pui was given an award by the local chapter of the Red Cross, along with a brand new red collar. He took the honor in stride, silently accepting the accommodation without making a single boast about his accomplishments. Compassionate, quick-thinking, and humble? You know, we could learn a lot from Pui.

▼ Sure, the Red Cross representative knew there would be reporters taking pictures, but we think the real reason she made herself up was to impress Pui
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Source, images: Dogster
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