Kyoto may be well-known for its traditional buildings and breathtaking temples, but there’s also a different side to the city; one that’s totally modern and cute! Kyoto Aquarium is giving us a peek into the cute innovations going on in the city with an adorable range of sweet breads, available exclusively from their on-site cafes. This month, they’re paying homage to the frogs of Kyoto and the world with a new exhibit and some very unique additions to the menu.

Take a look at the cute edible range below:

Japanese Giant Salamander

What a charming facial expression! But beware – behind those gorgeous dont-eat-me eyes, there’s a filling of thick chocolate cream. Sorry little fella; you’re too cute to eat but too good not to!



A fluffy white bread becomes a jellyfish! This guy’s got a heart of creamy white chocolate.



This little turtle is representing Kyoto’s green tea culture with a fine-powdered green tea (matcha) shell. The crunchy biscuit texture on his back gives you an authentic shell-biting experience. He comes with two siblings of the melon and cocoa variety.


Spotted Seal

This seal is all class, with high quality azuki (red bean) paste from Hokkaido filling his insides. One bite and they’ll be filling your insides too.



The crab is a sweet bun of home-made custard cream! Complete with another please-don’t-eat-me expression that we’ll just have to work our way past.



While we thought this was a manatee at first, it’s actually a sweet little dolphin. This one has creamy chocolate coursing through its body.



The tropical fish made famous by a 2003 Pixar film can now be enjoyed in sweet bread form, complete with its trademark three white rings. And a rich milk and butter finish.



For a limited time, Kyoto Aquarium is going frog crazy, with a sweet frog bread added to the lineup until July 12 of this year. Only 20 are made each day, so you’ll need to get in quick!


An extra special addition to the menu is proving to be a hit with customers: tadpole soup. Minestrone, broad bean and pumpkin soup feature the unusual addition, but although they look like little frog eggs, there’s nothing froggy about them. They’re actually basil seeds, which naturally form a gelatinous coating when placed in water. Two amphibious thumbs up for the person behind that clever idea! This is one soup we want to recreate at home to surprise unsuspecting guests.


The frog exhibition and all its related food items will end on Friday, July 12 so be sure to pop by and get your frog on!


Sources: 30min.Inc. Kyoto Aquarium