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As you’d see in any election race, there are sweet characters, stern faces and some crazy candidates you’d never think would win…

When you think about curry, it’s usually a plain-looking stew-like dish, filled with vegetables and perhaps a few chunks of meat, with hues generally landing somewhere along the brown colour spectrum. In Japan, though, curries can run in a general election, which sees them putting on their game face, delivering colour, smiles and some rather odd faces to customers on a plate. Let’s see what the candidates are presenting to voters this year in the Sanrio Character Curry Election.

▼ First up we have the Purin Hamburger Curry for 1,300 yen (US$12.52)


▼ Followed by “Cinnamon Flying in the Sky Blue Curry” (1,300 yen).


▼ Next is Sanrio’s lazy egg character, using his beloved bacon as an electoral sash in the Gudetama Keema Curry (1,200 yen)


▼ The My Melody Pink Curry features two pieces of pink naan as ears (1,400 yen)


▼ My Melody’s rival appears as the Kuromi Black Curry  (1,200 yen)


▼ While Sanrio’s world-famous animated cat charms in the “Hello Kitty Beautiful Curry” (1,300 yen)


▼ Little Twin Stars characters appear in the Kiki Blue Curry (1,100 yen)


▼ And the Lala Pink Curry (1.100 yen)


▼ Sanrio’s frog character is the star of the “Keroppi Curry” (1,100 yen)


▼ XO (Badtz-Maru) shows off his attitude with a black and white curry (1,200 yen)


▼ An orange-faced monkey gives us the Monkichi Curry (1,300 yen)


▼ And rounding off the list of candidates is Hangyodon, Sanrio’s loveable fish character, with his octopus pal Sayuri (1,100 yen)


Who will win the curry wars to be crowned this year’s winner of the character election? To cast your vote, be sure to visit the food court at Sanrio Puroland between 16 July and 31 August to make an order from the selection on the limited-edition curry menu. The winning character dish will be announced on September 2 and will be rewarded with a permanent place on the regular year-round menu until next year’s election.Sanrio 16

Source, Images: PR Times (images edited by RocketNews24)