Surprisingly, no animal was seriously harmed during the filming of this video – unless you count its bruised ego.

Even amphibians can make a meal out of the simple act of eating lunch. This adorable Japanese frog, for instance, will make any athletically challenged individual feel a whole lot better about themselves.

▼ Check out the full video here:

@sarasaeri posted this funny clip of her pet green frog this month and it has already garnered over 14,000 retweets.

Usually, if you see a frog online with an insect right in front of its face it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen. Well, not for this old clumsy frog who must be one of the most uncoordinated amphibians on the planet. This is the human world equivalent of missing a golf putt from two inches.

▼ Froggy decides to take the leap of faith!


We get our first surprise when froggy elects not to use its tongue but instead take a spectacular leap at its prey. Not only does it choose the diving route, it completely misses the target and hilariously crashes and burns – managing to barely hold on to the human hand by the skins of its feet.

▼ “Oh God, I’ve missed!”


▼ “Nope! I can still grab it with my tongue or arms as I’m falling down!”


▼ “Nope! Definitely missed! Hope no one is recording.”


This frog surely wins the award for cutest uncoordinated amphibian of the week, perhaps even year.

Here are some of the comments from people watching the video:

“I’ve watched this repeatedly and I laugh every time!”
“He’s hopeless. Hahaha!”
“A swing and a miss.”
“It’s so cute!”

You can also check out this funny video posted by @sarasaeri of our clumsy green frog trying to catch a fish through two glass walls!

Source, images: Twitter/@sarasaeri